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How do you stop getting triggered by other people? The simple answer … you don’t. Why? Because these are automatic reactions based on your current conditioning. Now, we of course want to evolve BEYOND being triggered but ironically the way to do that is to pay attention TO our triggers so we can be responsible for them. Notice where they arise. With whom and under what circumstances? This is the gift of true spiritual awakening, to become aware of the conditioned psychological perspectives we have that elicit different reactions to external stimulus. As a very stereotypical example, neither your boss nor your spouse piss you off. Shocking I know! They simply do or say something that reveals something within YOU that is the limitation. This is not to condone their behavior or to in anyway say it’s ideal, fun, fair or even humane. And of course in situations of actual physical harm then clearly it’s important to protect yourself and remove yourself! But nonetheless the typical mental suffering we experience is of our own creation and once that mechanism is seen then we can start to have responsibility for our life vs. being a victim of external circumstance. And last I checked that’s a much more powerful and enjoyable way to live life. Here’s to peace! With love, PC #freedom #triggers #peace #petercrone #themindarchitect #compassion #love #free #present #mind #freethemind #mindfulness #respect #unity #limitless

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