The Power of Intention

My wife and I had a discussion this morning that was about a topic she stated was “mind blowing.” I agreed with her. She had listened to a podcast that discussed the topic of intention. I will only scratch the surface on this one, but my intent is to start a habitual process that will lead to personal growth.

I ran a marathon last year to push my physical boundaries and see what I could achieve primarily on mindset and will. I formed an intention. Many of the decisions I made from the day I signed up to run the marathon were to meet my intention of completing the marathon and hopefully under the cutoff. I changed what I ate…somewhat, I ran a certain distance or amount of time each day, I bought clothing and equipment that would make the experience more comfortable or convenient. I read books and asked questions about the right shoes to wear, how to eat, what to expect during the race, recovery time, and training practices. I formed an intention, followed through with it almost every day, and was able to complete the marathon, although not under the cutoff. Regardless, I achieved something I thought at one point could not be possible given my current physical condition. What most people didn’t know, even myself at times, was that my intention was also peppered with my desire to be recognized, to wow someone, to make people proud of my efforts, to have my ego stroked, to prove someone wrong, or to achieve something that someone who is more physically capable than me has not yet achieved. Selfish desire creeps in sometimes unnoticed until I reflect on the circumstances surrounding the event. Fast forward to recently, when I expressed to others that I will be training to run the marathon again, but this time I would make it under the cutoff of seven hours. I stopped to contemplate this decision a couple of weeks ago. I had to ask myself why I had a desire to run a second marathon when I could barely finish the first with over six months of training. What is my intent? It comes down to this, I have no real reason to run another marathon other than to prove something to myself or someone else. Not a great intention for such an arduous task.

I am going to lay out an intention and work my way through the process of making good on that intention. I intend to be healthy. What actions and thoughts will it take for me to achieve my intended goal? I know that from research and documentaries that our reason for being unhealthy is largely due to dis ease of our body. This is not a typo; I have a separation of the word “disease” for a reason. Many of the things we either eat or expose ourselves to lead our bodies to a state that is unnatural or out of ease in function.

I had about six Oreo cookies yesterday with Vitamin D whole milk after having a concrete shake. There is nothing good about the food I just ate except for the five or ten minutes of taste and sugar rush I went through after consuming it. Our bodies do not work very well with this much sugar and processed food. If my intention is to be healthy, what does that look like and how do I get there. I know that by eating organic fruits and vegetables and wild caught or grass-fed meats are the best things for my body and are much easier to process. Getting some sun or Vitamin D supplements is good for me. I should avoid adding toxins to my body as much as possible. Meditation daily and some form of movement for longer durations throughout the day are beneficial. Running is fine in moderation but can take a toll on our bodies if done for really long periods of time with high impact. Resistance exercise will help strengthen bones and burn fat. Avoiding unnecessary stress and getting good sleep are crucial to my being healthy.

If I wake up every morning and meditate on my daily intention, I am more likely to achieve it. If I had thought about, written about, and lived my intention I would not have eaten an Oreo, the ice cream, or drank the milk. I would have planned my meals around healthy foods, gotten more exercise, and would have been well rested. Afterall, if I intend to be healthy my actions throughout the day should reflect that, otherwise I don’t have the intentions I have originally voiced or though. My intention then was to seek brief pleasure. Going forward I intend to begin my day with clearly defined intentions. It’s the only way I will manifest what I am seeking.

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