Facing Our Dragons

I read an assignment for one of our school’s Myth and Symbol classes and I had a major moment of inspiration. The assignment reaches the core of what I believe to be the main subject of my thoughts and writing. Fear. The assignment is centered on the hero’s journey which is a journey every human being takes at some capacity. In the text leading up to the assignment it states,

“We love the stories of heroes. They serve as the symbols of our lives. When we face challenges, we are in one individual sense facing our dragons. The dragons we meet are not so much breathing fire on us as breathing fire in us. Our dragons might be an illness, relationship, dysfunction, financial, or a phobia. For some, dragons may be self-doubt, guilt, depression, or indecision. slaying whatever dragon(s) we currently face is an important metaphor for our inner quest and personal growth toward peace, truth, love, wisdom, and happiness.”

I believe this touches on the foundation of what it means to be human and what it means to find joy, happiness, and success in our lives, not just facing our dragons but how to overcome and destroy them. For the year 2020, take the hero’s journey with me as we work to slay some dragons. I hope that we can cast out fear or at least face it with great courage together. Have a Happy New Year!

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