I should be committed!

I know what you’re thinking. “Yes, yes you should be committed.”


I believe the vehicle of personal change and growth lies in desire, motivation, and commitment.

These are all necessary to keep moving in the direction of change. Without them, and I mean all of them, we risk being immobilized and change will not occur.


First, when we desire something we create a vision or a destination for ourselves. We might think, “I really want to become physically fit.” This statement creates images, what you want to look like, what you will eat, what you would like to do once you are fit, what activities you will do to get fit.


Now desire is not enough. We can’t become fit by merely having the desire for it. Wouldn’t that be nice. “I desire to be 180 pounds of pure muscle and healthy enough to do all sports” and BOOM, it happens. No work, no time spent, no effort. Unfortunately there is no Harry Potter way of making this happen. We need more.


Motivation is like starting the engine of a car. I desire a destination, now I am going to start my car to get the engine going. Self-motivation is the best, however, sometimes we need an outside push. I may need to watch a documentary on Food Matters TV, or maybe a speech will start my engine. I could watch a video from Eric Thomas or Tony Robbins. I may need to watch a super motivating video such as this one.

Wow, now if this doesn’t get your engine running to want to change and improve, I don’t know what will! My motor hums EVERY TIME I watch this, but we can’t stop there. We cannot remain in park and just feel motivated or we will not succeed. I have read countless books, watched numerous videos, listened to so much good advice over the years that I should be practically a new person. In some ways I have changed. Many books I have read that should motivate me to change were placed back on the bookshelf after reading them and then the information was not considered thereafter. This is where knowledge never made it to wisdom.

We have to make a move! We cannot simply nod our head at the information and say, “That’s good stuff right there!” and then go back to our lives unchanged. It’s insanity!


Last, we have to commit. We have to put the car in gear.

When I decided that I wanted to start blogging again, I committed myself to the task. I did something. I no longer just thought about it, I made a move.

Now, here we have to be careful. We want to commit to the activities and ideas that will better our mind, body, and spirit, but it will sabotage your efforts if you over commit. Make changes for the better but do not overwhelm yourself with so much change that you are not able to remain commited to them.


You get too many things going at once and you will seize up, give in to the desire to head back to the couch and watch Netflix or the sport you wish you could play if you had just stayed the course and got into shape. You have to be able to say, “That’s enough for right now.”

I thought just yesterday that I might consider writing another blog along with this one, one with a different focus so I could really cover all topics of intrest. I also considered a Podcast or Youtube videos. I had to stop myself here. In one of my articles, “Professional Starter,” I list the many endevors I started over my lifetime that eventually fell away due to my tendency to start and not finish or truly commit to something. I am not saying that I should avoid starting another blog at some point, but I definitely should wait until my commitment to writing is solid; that I will have the time to provide the quality and attention necessary for both.

To what are you committed? What should you be doing right now? What is stopping you from attaining what you desire?

Get in! Start the car! Put it in drive and commit to the destination and enjoy the ride!

Please comment if you feel motivated to do so. Driving this car is always best with passengers. Have a great week!

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