What Motivates You?

I have come to a point in my life when I am scrutinizing my choices and what motivates me to make those choices.

What has motivated you to read this blog?

Maybe you were bored and there was nothing better to do. Maybe you are looking for anything that will bring on change or something to simply entertain your mind.

What motivated you to get out of bed this morning?

Was it a desire to tackle yet another day, or because you had to or you wouldn’t get paid. It could also be that your back starts to ache after seven hours of lying in bed, if so, I can identify with you. Whatever you have decided is your motivation, you have taken it to thought either way, which is the bottom line.

Tackle Picture.jpg

We should constantly consider our motivations, habits, and thinking in order to move in a positive direction, otherwise we become stuck in the proverbial rut and life becomes stagnant. Could it be time to exercise by playing sports or weight lifting?

It could be a good time to start or become a part of a book club. I started one, although I am the only member at present, to motivate myself to read more. If you wish to engage with me in some reading and discussion feel free to join me and we can motivate each other. I will add my Goodreads info on the home page of this site in case anyone is interested.

I think this is the bottom line…self motivation. I think the only person who can motivate me toward positive change is myself, a desire to grow, learn, and improve. I believe that self-talk is a huge factor in our success to motivate change in our lives. If we believe we are stuck and there is no way to change things or there is no way out, then this will remain our truth. If we look at our lives and do what we can to change for the better, the possibilities could be endless. Seek others with a similar desire to change and with your similar interests. There is no better way to connect with others who could motivate and use your motivation than to surround yourself with people who share your goals and interests. How about we change together?

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